Antec P120 Crystal Tempered Glass ATX, E-ATX, Powerful Heat Dissipation, VGA Holder, Horizontal and Vertical Scalability, Slide Panel, Gaming Case

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Antec P120 Crystal Top of the Line E-ATX Gaming Case

Ultra-Cooling option focused for VGA (Up to 2x 360mm Radiator, 1x 120mm Radiator or 7x 120mm Fan or 6x 140mm Fan.
Scalable VGA installation
E-ATX supported for high end MB
Aluminium VGA Holder
Air Intake vents
Tempered Glass Front and Side
New Easy Sliding Side Panel

Up to the Top
The top-mounted PSU chamber frees the space at the bottom of P120 Crystal, allowing users to have more options to plan their custom water-cooling loop and radiators

Unparalleled Scalability
P120 Crystal also comes with 7 x horizontal and 3 x vertical expansion slots, offering huge space for you to explore more potential PC configuration. (PCI-E Riser Cable required for Vertical VGA Setup. CC-8900419 )

Go Beyond Performance
Supporting up to 7 x 120 mm or 6 x 140 mm fans, also crafted to mount 2 x 360 mm radiators simultaneously.

Designed for
VGA Heat Emission - Up to 2x 360mm Radiator, 1x 120mm Radiator or 7x 120mm Fan or 6x 140mm Fan.
Bottom dedicated for VGA Heat dissipation

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