Deepcool Smarter Micro ATX Case with LED Includes 2x Blue 120mm LED Fans


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Description Smarter series is designed to be Micro ITX/ Mini ITX computer case with high compatibility. Small size of 420 x 201 x 365mm has made Smarter an ideal choice for gamers or DIY enthusiast who are seeking for computer case to fit in limited space. Nothing could be simpler than Smarter computer case. Space Conservative Design Classical Small Case Management - Dedicated Micro ATX/ Mini-ITX Design - 420 x 201 x 365mm Case Dimension - High VGA card and CPU cooler installation compatibility. Good Heat Ventilation Performance Simple Refinement - 1 x 120mm fan mounting holes on the side panel - USB ports, plugholes and switches on top panel for easier operation. Front Panel Ventilation - Full dust-filter in the interior panel. - Attachable 5.25' and 3.5' drive bay covers - 120mm, 90mm and 80mm mounting holes on front panel. Space Capacity Management Design Effective Space Management - Upper panel located PSU - Ground-lifted design for better air dynamic and cooling performance of PSU fan's air intake. - 120mm and 80mm mounting holes on rear panel Backplate Cable Installation - Multiple channels for supreme cable management.

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